Campion Devco, LLC

Serving clients across multiple property types in real estate development and general construction

We are a Women’s Business Enterprise. We’ve brought engineering, architecture, real estate development, and general contracting experience together to focus on construction and development.

Our Services

Planning and Architecture

We offer comprehensive pre-construction, planning and architecture services including conceptual architecture and schematic design, proforma management, cost estimating and schedule management. Early engagement leads to cost efficiencies, an increased ability to define and establish timely schedules and an enhanced ability to define project scope.

General Contracting and Construction

Campion Devco, LLC is licensed as a general contractor in Louisiana and throughout the US. Construction Management is one of our core competencies. We can serve as Construction Manager at-risk or partners with a Developer for General Construction. We work with owners to mitigate long-term liabilities and inefficiencies and maximize economic productivity.

Real Estate and Business Development Projects

Whether a large real estate development project or helping your business with contracts and sales, we offer development expertise to help you grow.  Our business development services are custom, based solely on what your specific needs are. Please contact us today to explore opportunities to grow your business.

Why Choose Us?

Architecture, Engineering, Real Estate Development, and Construction Experience

We have brought together a team of principals with architecture, engineering, real estate development, and construction experience required for successful execution and delivery of complex construction and development projects. Our team has led successful projects throughout the United States.

Small Women’s Business Enterprise Certification

As a certified small Women’s Business Enterprise, we can help you meet your small business contracting goals for state and public contracts.

Knowledge and Experience

Our principals have managed projects from signing, through development, pre-construction, and implementation across the southeast region. We are deeply rooted in the community, serving on boards, economic development and leadership development organizations. We are committed to bringing our expertise to your project.